From Russia with not a single fuck to give.
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Я искал ночлег и считал до ста, /
То едва дышал, то бежал бегом..

Pyatigorsk, Russia

Looks more like recreation area than a town to me. 

Leukerbad, Canton Valais, Switzerland

Just got back from there. Stunning!

Night lights of St-Petersburg, Russia

Same beach, different time.

Mae Nam beach, Koh Samui, Suratthani District, Thailand.

Bangkok, Thailand. 

been there 2 days ago, can’t believe it now 

by Vladimir Lagrange.

Saw his works in photo gallery yesterday, pretty impressive

Moscow, Okhotniy ryad

Quay with Sphinxes on Universitetskaya Embankment, St.-Petersburg

this sends chills down my spine every time I pass by.

Moscow, Kuzminki

Scary as fuck. Half-ruined. Not abandoned, though.
Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Paris, France

Snowy bike

Myyrmäki, Vantaa, Finland

Himalayan treasure expo, Moscow

Ireland. 2013. Country worth seeing.